My DAW is ****ing up shit and kontakt now freezes when loading instruments in it, I've no idea why, kontakt works as stand-alone fine for me.

Need a new DAW:

small, simple, has in-built mixers and standard effects(reverb/delay/compression), obviously supports VST.

Should be simple and easy, don't have a lot of time to learn how to use, price doesn't matter.

Any suggestions?

I apologize for any lack of courtesy or any organization in this thread, I'm really ****ing pissed because I'm on a "write 1 score per day" schedule these holidays.

Also would be great if supports 64 bit windows7
What are the best DAWs in MIDI manipulation? I am interested in those as well, long-term
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price doesn't matter.

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I pirate the things I want.

No help here. Sorry. Why don't you go pirate your information too?

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I'm putting my money on a cracked copy of Cubase, anyone want to take the wager?
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Closing this thread, because you don't deserve any help if you're going to pirate it.
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