It started out gripping and interesting, the guitar's transition to light overdrive kind of caught me by suprise - it may have been nice to have a bit of sustain on the last clean note of the intro ambience beforehand, also, the tripplets on the snare got kind of dull pretty quickly, but it managed to be saved by the second transition - but I think the snare needs some reverb or something, because it also kind of sounds dull the way it dies out just before being repeated. The outro (last note) was also nice, but it could have also used a bit more sustain.

All and all, still a lovely song, and unless you really listen fine into the details, there aren't really any glaring flaws that will melt your face off and make you explode into a million shards what am i even this is rambling oh gosh darn it i'm making a run on sentence aren't i this is really getting too long oh god you know what the end.

Seriously, though, the intro ambience was lovely, the transition to slight overdrive built up momentum, (...I don't know what else to call it. I'm pretty tired in case you haven't noticed, that's why I'm being somewhat silly.) which lead to a lovely finish, with an outro that left me kind of satisfied if it only had more sustain.

Here's mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1580433 If you have the time, I'd be thankful for a review, or even just a listen. It isn't quite as good as your piece, but still, I think it's alright.
Nice build. Atmospheric. Wondered where it was going and then it took off. Very good. The drum sound jarred a bit. Is it synthesised? Might be good to record you bashing something real to give it a meatier sound. Really great finish. The whole piece made a great impression. The only bit I'd change would be the quality of the drums.

I would welcome comments on my effort at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1579812

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As much as I like the section up to 1:30, it lasts too long it's very repetitive.

When the overdriven guitar starts, you need to either have bass, or a lower guitar. You also need to change the drum part; it's just annoying as is.

I like the part where the bass adds in, but you need to use a deeper cymbal sound; that splash cymbal doesn't work.

Though there's a lot of things I think you should change, I think it's a pretty cool song.

Really good song! The clean part was beautiful, had a very nice feel to it.

I wasn't really expecting the distortion guitar+drums&bass lol. that part was very interesting though and it sounded nice. The only problem is the drums.. the hi-hat needs a variation in volume and velocity, and the snare&bass sound really weak.
Cool creepy tone you have for the intro and it works well with the overdubs too. When the overdriven guitar kicks in, I can say this is definitely post-rock man - I like the 'light' tone you've given the guitar, all you need is maybe a tad more bass coming through.

The drums are the only thing I can criticise as they are programmed - I would love to hear it with real drums! Besides that you've got some really interesting stuff on your soundcloud, keep it up.
Intro reminded me of some cinematic style stuff. You could definitely tell the drums were fake and whatnot though, that could certainly use an improvement. I know this is post-rock, but I feel like this could benefit from some vocals or at the very least a little less build-up, or at least more climax.
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Tell me what you think and leave your song in this thread and I will crit

I liked the intro, and where it picked up around the 2 minute mark, I dont know if you've heard of a band called explosions in the sky, but it kinda gave me that feel in way. I think if you had some awesome drums, it would make a huge difference, along with some nice delay to make it more ambient. Cool stuff though for sure!

If you don't mind, check out a track I recently wrote and recorded.. any input is greatly appreciated!

This intro is reminding me of U2 (good), though kind of long without vocals or something else. OK, now the drums are kicking in (that cymbal on the left was getting repetitive). I think you have some good ideas, but it currently seems somewhat incomplete, mostly due to lack of vocals. Please review my music at this link:

Hm I'm typing as I'm listening... It's starting out a little slow, kind of boring. I'd probably love it if I was really stoned though.

Alright it's transitioned into going a little harder. Guitar sounds good, drums seem to just be repeating 1-2-3 over and over.

Now the drums are going somewhere. Guitar still sounds pretty solid. Nice and flowing.

Overall it's pretty good, but it really needs some vocals. (: