I want to be able to record what I write so I can better get a feel for the song instead of going back and fourth between instruments on my own. Also so I could share ideas with people easier.
I guess what I'm looking for is some kind of (usb/midi) interface thingy capable of recording instruments into the computer. Some device I can record my music with, I don't know what to call it at this moment.

I need something so I can record guitar, bass and (electronic, with MIDI outputs) drums. Maybe even vocals if I get or borrow a microphone. I have Windows 7 on my computer, which affects which softwares I can use.

- needs to support or work with Windows 7
- can record guitar, bass and electronic drums (+vocals?)
- not overly expensive, not on a really professional level

Thanks in advance!
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Interface sticky. You described exactly what an interface is and even mentioned interface and didn't check there :p

As far as software not working with 7, I haven't found anything that doesn't work on 7.
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