I have for sale a Custom aluminum strat. It is a leftover body from 1994 Fender Custom shop bodies.
The details:
Body: hollow aluminum '94 Fender Custom shop leftover.
Neck: Warmoth custom exotic, 6130 frets, compound radius, 1 5/8" nut.
Pick ups: Custom made single coils from Roadhouse pickups, mounted on aluminum pickguard with custom wiring.
Bridge: Wilkinson VS100
Asking $1850.00

Any question, you can email them to me to crash92@argontech.net
Here's some more pics of the guitar and a $5000 Custom Shop version.

1995 Fender American Standard Aluminum Stratocaster. This guitar has been assembled from one of the left over Fender® Aluminum bodies used on the Aloha Strat®, The Harley-Davidson Strat® and the Limited Edition American Standard Aluminum Strat® produced in 1994.
Alumi-strat 2.JPG
Alum-strat 3.jpg