Hey guys. I did go the modeler route and decided to run that through the PA for some shows, but I decided to keep my cabs and stuff and sell or trade the Jet City. I'd like to keep an actual amp around as well

Anyway, I was hoping for a recommendation from you guys. I play mostly 80s metal (Maiden, Priest, Manowar, Dio, Yngwie, some glam metal thrown in), Thrash and Death metal, and some punk. I like very compressed high gain tones. A decent clean is important too. I like the chimey, crystal clear clean tones. Doesn't have to be Fender-like at all, just a bit more than passable. I'd love an 5150 III, but as a college student, I just can't justify spending that much on an amp. I've also been looking into Tubemeisters, but I'm looking for other options.

-Budget - around $600

-Used is preferable

Home or gig - The amp would be for both home and gig usage,smaller wattage is preferred, but i'm not picky at all. I have a POD for home stuff.

City - I live in Pittsburgh, and go to school in State College, PA.

Guitars - Jackson RR24, Ibanez RG2EX1 w/ Blackouts, Aria Pro ZZ, Ibanez GAX70

Cabs - Mesa 2x12 w/ V30s, stock 1960 4x12.

** - I'd prefer not to have to boost, but I do have a TS9, OCD Clone, and an MXR EQ I can use. Also must be at least 2 channels.
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Great post with all the info. Free bump!
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See, it's important that people clarify when they say "metal", because I pretty much always assume they are a Cannibal Corpse fanboi.
^ wrong with the 6505 or old 5150, he needs a british voiced amp for the listed bands...

Laney VH or AOR, Marshall DSL, Peavey Windsor or 80's Butcher, Jsx.

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I definitely prefer the British voicing!

I'm not huge on the voicing of the Peavey 5150s and 6505s. Too buzzsaw-like. I had an Ultra Plus that I totally loved, but stupidly sold it. I like the distortion on it much more. I've been thinking about trying out a JSX or XXX, but all clips that I've heard have been "meh". I dig Peaveys, but their voicing just isn't my favorite.

Laney is my favorite amp brand. I've need a VH rather than a GH though because I want 2 channels. How would the AORs do for stuff like what I posted? I know they're killer Stoner/Doom amps, but that's really the only genre I've heard from them.

I've been looking out for DSLs too, and I hear clips that sound amazing, but I've played through them on occasion, and never get a perfect tone. Definitely not counting them out at all though. I probably just need more time with one.

I hear Windsors are great platforms to be modded, what about stock? Butchers have enough gain for what I want?
If you can swing a 5150 III 50W go for it and don't look back...or try to find a used JCM800
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yo perverockstar, the 5150 iii is fairly british voiced on the crunch channel at least.
I'll agree the 6505 might not be best, just threw it out there because of the death metal listing.

I've never really heard an AOR do anything but stoner so I can't help you there.
but a VH100 is right in your budget and will be killer.
Huh. Never even thought about the EVH mini. Good call. I'll keep an eye out for one of those. Same with the Laney. Thanks guys!
5153 Mini (The 50w'er)
Egnater Vengeance
JCM900 SL/X; MKIII or DR if you don't mind modding it
Egnater Renegade

I would like to note that the Vengeance is a darker sounding amp, but could still easily cover everything you listed, and it's cleans can go from chimey to JCM800. Extremely versatile amp in general. I personally would say either that or the 5153 Mini are the two best options. They'll both cover about the same amount of ground, but each have a different flavor to them. The Egnater is probably more versatile and feature-rich, but if they're features you don't need, then it doesn't matter.
I've actually played the Egnater Armageddon, and they are awesome. The Vengeance is on the same circuit? I didn't those those were in my price range either!
JSX sounds good. Just out of curiosity, how do they sound at bedroom volume?
I don't think they're the same circuit. The Vengeance is a little Darker than the Armageddon, but they're certainly similar. The thing that made me decide on a Vengeance was actually the features compared to the Armageddon. I like the footswitch more and the way the features are set up more, plus it was cheaper. You can get them for around $700 - $800 used, IIRC.