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was i the only one wanting to go off "the cliff"? people pointing out the CBO's predicted 9.1% unemployment rate were so short-sighted. the same report said if we went over the cliff and stayed there we would be down to 5.5% unemployment within a decade and with a much healthier economy.
Too bad people don't understand how capitalism works and are too afraid to backtrack slightly to benefit in the long run.
Only play what you hear. If you don’t hear anything, don’t play anything.
-Chick Corea
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Believe it or not some people actually do have something seriously wrong with them

This is true.
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the chinese take-out place my family always ordered from gave you chopsticks, so as a kid it was fun to try & eat with chopsticks
now i just use a fork, 'cuz nothing is fun anymore & i just want to shovel food into my mouth to fill the void
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