I'm showing the progress of the refinish of an Ibanez RG and keep the maple top, this will be in different parts:

Part 1: Remove the finish

Part 2: Mending and hiding the dents

Part 3: Applying a dye

Part 4: Finishing

Part 1:

This is how I removed the finish using a heat gun. See Trough Ibanez have a thick coat of finish, so sanding might be done using professionnal grade tools but, if you want to keep the veneer you don't want to risk damaging it by going too far.

Chemicals haven't even breach it, and I am not working in a well vented place (being the winter in Canada), so it's not an alternative

Heatgun method is, IMHO, the safest way, this is how I did it.

An heat gun can be purchased in an hardware store for less than 20$


Part 2 and 2.5 are up down there!

Comments and tricks are welcome!

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this is pretty awesome. Is that an rg320?
“More metal than your gran’s left hip.” - Paul Allender on his PRS signature guitar
Yep, RG320 Lavender.

I'm going to make it more blue with a black burst, kinda like this, but more blue:

awesome! looking forward to seeing it finished
“More metal than your gran’s left hip.” - Paul Allender on his PRS signature guitar
Part 2: Fixing and hiding the dents.
I explain how to fix and hide the dents and repair the cracks in the body
It is important to sand most of the Wood Filler before the tint as it will not give the same color as the rest of the wood.
See Step 2.5 for more informations

Step 2.5: Hiding the correction;
Since the wood filler wouldn't take the color as well as the wood,, I have made a change to use wax crayons.
Results may vary, but so far it is looking good.
I used this type of correction in the past and the lacquer react quite goot with it.

My last video is up:


And, for a teaser, again!

Between the first and second layer of lacquer, I've sanded with 320. Wrong idea, I got trough on some places (black, so I was able to correct it easely). Next time I'm going to use only either steel whool or the green pads. Anything more is too abrasive in the firsts layers.
Finished product:

Got a RG550 Neck (same profile as a Prestige)
Ibz/Dimarzio PU with push/pull for coil tap