Hope this is the right place
Hello and thanx for helping,
I'm looking to a new guitar.
It's down to a
Bc rich mockingbird pro x hardtail
Schecter hellraiser c1 (no fr)

Both look great, both sound great and
Feel good to my fingers.

Would get a hellraiser extreme but not option sadley enough.
So what do you think?
Oh shit that is a tough call. Both have great specs, both have really good construction and both look killer (this from someone who isn't a fan of Schecter, or black guitars) I might lean a little more towards the Mockingbird cuz of the neck through, but damn.

Can't you just buy one and steal the other?
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I read that like a poem. Very pretty.

I prefer Schecter in general.
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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

I have a Schecter, and it's built like a tank and plays really nicely. I would go Schecter but in the end it's down to personal preference.
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I say go with the Mockingbird if you like Les Paul's, they're similar in feel and function, and are excellent guitars if its not a Bronze series.
how on earth did it boil down to these two brands? o.0
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I love how all mockingbirds looks (that one is just awesome), but I'm going to say Schecter. 2 reasons: 1) the spec on the schecter is a little bit better. The added flexibility that comes with that pickup set is pretty awesome, and the locking tuners (even though they're Schecter not a brand name) are a nice touch. 2) I've found Schecter's to be better built guitars in general. I've played some very good BC's, but I've also played a couple stinkers. Schecter's have always struck me as being very consistently built guitars.
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I'd go BC Rich, I've never played a good Schecter.
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I've never played a bad Schecter.
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so schecter it is thanx

oh and any diffrence between the hellraiser and hellraiser special?
Special has cheaper hardware. If you have the cash, go for the regular hellraiser.
I have a Schecter and a Mockingbird.. personally I find that they're both fantastic guitars, and at the end of the day you will have a great axe either way you go about it. At that point, I would look more towards the pickups (are they the same? different?).

Aside from that, I'm a sucker for which ever is prettier.
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