Hey guys Id like to wish you a happy new year!!

OK so im looking for a new amp for gigging with has to be tube i dont like solidstate distortion, i would also like one that has saturated gains as well.

im in the UK with a budget of between £500 and £700

new or used im not too fussed

i play mostly hard rock, but i would like a crunch for my rhythm tone, and the saturated high gain for leads, im thinking neil zaza sort of tone here.

2 or 3 channels would be awesome a clean one isnt a must becasue i can just roll off the volume for all i really use clean.

i currently have a epiphone les paul custom pro, and a squire efinity strat. i have a couple of od pedals and a reverb delay all the pedals that youd expect really haha

just now i am using blackstar HT5 but its just for bedroom use, i jam with what ever is avail at the practice space on the night.

I had been thinking about a Marshall JCM900 but i would like to see what your opinions about everything are

thanks for taking time to help me out
900 has loads of solid state shenanigans going on in it

laney gh50L or 100L might be the thing- with an od boost pedal to help with the saturation. it's more or less a hotrodded jcm800, so it's crunchier rather than that modern saturated fluid high gain thing (though a boost and smoother speakers will both help in that regard), but you said you wanted a crunchy rhythm tone and it'll definitely do that (probably better than the smoother more compressed high gainers).

you're kind of at a slightly weird budget there- you should be able to do better than the budget high gainers (bugera, jet city and the like), but you're not really at a high enough budget for the higher end high gainers, either. but yeah off the top of my head the laney should work for what you want.

welcome to the forum by the way, and happy new year
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