I'm really tempted to by a Trilogy amp on Ebay right now for around $900, and I'm sure it will do what I want, but I was wondering if the Triamp MK2 is really that much better for the highest gain channel. I have heard mixed responses saying they are either basically the exact same or that the Triamp has more gain, is warmer, and has more overtones. Can anyone clarify this? Even if it does have a bit more gain, can you make them sound the same? I'm mostly worried about if the Triamp sounds thicker or has some other characteristic I could never achieve by either eq changes or pedals without just buying a Triamp.
I've had the TriAmp MK II for a while now and from what I remember with the Trilogy, the TriAmp's Ch 3 sounded bigger, very huge low Mid and Low and massive high gain. I prefer the 6L6s especially when in Ch 1 - you can approximate a Twin Reverb in A and something Voxy in B.

Even with the massive amount of knobs, it's easier to dial than say a Mesa Road King II.