is there a practical niche for this sound/tempo? it's like.. really easy for me to write poppy sounding shit like this. i've always played more metal music and i've been jamming on more different stuff lately, but half the time i attempt to write something non-metal i feel like it's way too fast or diatonic or something.

the reason i use this short piece is because it demonstrates an extreme of what i'm talking about. i've written significantly more cheesy parts, but those had purpose and these ideas are for whole songs so idk if it's too much.

anyway, like i said, this is an extreme. it's not all going to be major, or hi-hat shuffle, but basically is it worth finishing songs like these or should i just take what i've learned from starting writing them and move forward? there's some more similar ideas and some swing-feel type poppy stuff. i feel like maybe there's potential and room for vocals, which i've never really left a huge amount of room for.

edit: ignore the piano, i realize its a copy/pasted guitar part.
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dude that band is awesome! that's exactly the music i've been hoping to hear, wow!

also thanks a ton Wild! i really do appreciate that!
It sounds really similar to Algernon Cadwallader. I liked it, although some of the rhythms need a touch up.
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When I slowed the tempo to 140, it had a bit of a different feel but I enjoyed it more, a bit less chaotic for me.

I also enjoyed it, why not finish it.
amonamarthmetal - thank you, glad you dig! i feel you on the rhythms, ill probably lock in something a little more memorable or catchy during the recording process.

21fretter - that's actually initially what i did with it. i felt like it sounded better, but the drums would need to be changed because the hi-hat shuffle doesn't really work at that slow tempo. cool that you enjoyed it, i will probably continue with this soon!

edit: its actually not bad at like 150bpm, kind of a mid point between where the drums work and the guitars work i think.
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Sounds pretty good, I'd keep working on it. Definitely slow the tempo down a bit though.
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Quote by TheGroovitron
the hi-hat shuffle doesn't really work at that slow tempo.

It sounds fine to me, I agree it's much better at 140. really liked it though.
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Excluding track 3 (the lead guitar) also allows the track to still work nicely at 160. I would imagine with vocals, that much lead would conflict quiet a bit anyway.

@160 without track 3 is actually my favourite version so far.