Hi I'm modding my old guitar, and I've encountered a small problem.

I have a solid bridge with 94 mm between the 2 mounting studs.

However, I'm desperatily wanting a double locking trem, like the floyd rose.

However, the space between the 2mounting studs there is 74 mm, which makes it impossible to drill new holes, because they're to close to the old ones.

I was wondering if any of you guys know a double locking trem with different spacing between the 2 mounting studs. I've checked Shaller and Floyd rose, and some of the ibanez edge models. Seems to me there isn't but I'm hoping none the less...
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Just plug the old holes by gluing in hardwood dowels and then redrill your new holes.

That's really the only way around it!
What I wonder about is wether plugging the holes will still have it retain it's strength... plus I really like the paint job it has now, and I try to damage it aslittle as possible, but if nothing else works...
And Yes, I meant a fixed bridge, I know the spacing between the nuts is unusually wide.
I know Ihe front and back routed too, but I have the tools, and it shouldn't be a problem. I was just scared the holes would make it impossible to mount a floyd rose...

But thanks for all the help, I'll try plugging them and let you all know how it turned out.

Just to give you an idea of how hair-brained my build exactly is:

The original guitar was a Les Paul style PRS, with 1 humbucker, I'm altering it to an HSH, with the Duncan SH-4 in the bridge, the SH-2n in the neck and an SSL-4 in the middle, I'm putting a floyd rose in there and I'm wiring it similar to the Brian May red special.

What do you guys think?

--edit: I plugged the holes as you guys suggested, works like a charm. The bridge works nice and smooth, now I just need to fix my wiring...--

thx for the help!
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