123creative.com – creative boutique with resources for music producers, webdesigners, graphic designers and other creative people is proud to present you first product of cooperation between G-Sonique and 123creative.com:
Electric Kingdom - guitar effect

This is not next classic boring guitar stompbox. If you are bored of classic guitar sound and watching for something new and progressive, try this new effect.
It is difficult to describe sound of this little purple machine. Electric kingdom describe it best.
Twisted, cosmic, funky, electric, doubled, sound perfect for all modern styles like: poprock, neopunk, rock, disco, funk and other jolly music styles.

Listen to the samples

Top features:

- Twist speed knob (speed of cosmic funky twisting of a sound)
- Emphasis knob (set the resonant shape of sound - Q)
- FX amount (ammount of applied sound effect)
- Output vol.
- Bypass knob

Price: 6.90 € Limited introductory price: 5,90 €
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