Is that Tornado Of Souls from megadeth?
I love that solo! Best solo ever!

The rhythm part was good, and solid.
The solo part seemed a improvised, but it was out of scale a couple of time at the end and during the bend. The sweeping part seemed good to me

I think you should work out slowly. You should play the rhythm part at 75% of the speed, or half speed, and play exactly the same part. I did it to learn megadeth solos: on guitar pro, I set the speed a lot slower. It's a good method to get better quickly !

Other than that I liked the editing, showing the rhythm part in a "thumbnail"! But stop moving so much, we can't see a thing!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1580672
lol it thought it sounded like it too!! thank you i will work on that! i appreciate it!
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I'm so proud of you for not using tons of distortion! You have some really cool riffs. Like everyone else said...watch your bends, make sure to stay in key with them and you'll sound much more solid. Also, may work on some slower riffs as well, soloing isn't about how fast you can play as much as it's about expression and setting a mood.

Thank you guys, I appreciate the feedback! I wish I could play the tornado of souls solo I recorded with a camera i bought for cheap, I should be getting better equipment very very soon but I will work on that and re-do it! Thanks!
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