I have the following 3 pedals for sale:

Digitech X Series DigiDelay - Barely Used, only in the home, not been gigged - £50
Behringer Ultra Chorus - £15
Dunlop CryBaby - £25

Will consider offers/trades, but cash is preffered.

I cannot provide power supplies with the pedals as I used a daisy chain with my other pedals
All are in great condition and work perfectly.
Postage to anywhere in UK or collection from Colchester, Essex

FightinIrishPJ wrote:

flea in school? oh my....
God damn it...I just bought a CryBaby new yesterday

Ah well...good luck selling, and have a free bump!
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ahh damn haha! i barely ever use mine.. having no luck selling these
FightinIrishPJ wrote:

flea in school? oh my....
How much w/ shipping?

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prophet: add on a fiver for shipping
badger: replied
FightinIrishPJ wrote:

flea in school? oh my....