I just got a Peavey Wolfgang Special EXP, a korean 02XXXXX serial number, no EVH sig on the back. I pulled the pickup on my first string change, and its either the original rewired in half assed, or a replacement pickup, not sure which. But anyway, if I have done my research, this wasnt the same pickup as USA Peavey Wolfies anyway, so Im considering a replacement for at least the bridge and looking for opinions.

1 New EVH Wolfgang Bridge $145
2 Contact Peavey for Original Wolf pickup $$$
3 GFS VEH (which I already have one in another guitar and love) $35

Ive attached a pic of the pickup, like I said, not sure if its original, and its in there crooked do to the bundle of wire under it done wrong.
I reckon that the EVH will sound better than the GFS as the build quality will probably be a lot better. But then it's almost 4x the price. And $145 for a pup sound like a lot.

Try out some Duncan's or dimarzios
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It is a lot, hence my question. I only paid $370 for the guitar, I want to really hear a increase of $150 in my overall purchase price.

on the other hand... if its worth it, I'll do it. I would like some others with opinions to weigh in.
I just checked the bay for you and there are definitely EVH Wolfgang bridge pickups there for much less than 150 or however much you said. Just make sure the lead is long enough before you buy one.
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Thanks Dude, you are right! Thats the place to go if I go that route.
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If you get the EVH, go used, if not, give us some more info and we could get you a more specific answer.

For Example, Bare Knucle Pickups makes a pup called the VH II. You do the math on what that stands for, keeping in mind that many of their pickups are named after famous songs, artists, etc.