So my friend brought me this amp that has no grill and he wants me to make him a new one and then tolex it, but he wants it shaped like the grill on a Plexi/Super Lead. I have no problem making the grill, but I have no idea how to tolex a grill thats shaped like that. The cutaway for the controls is what concerns me. How do I get the tolex into those corners seamlessly? Does anyone have any tutorials or instructions on how to do it, I can't find anything online?

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use a hair dryer to help strech the tolex so you don't get wrinkles in the tolex
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Cut the reliefs in the corners.

I just did a cab and used contact cement. There were some imperfections at first, after an hour sitting they all took care of themselves and it looked fantastic. Looks flat, no wrinkles or waves.
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