This is one of my favourite songs on the new album! It went off live. I learnt it when it came out and will probably get around to covering it someday soon hopefully.

Anyways, as for your cover,

Good overall. It's not often you see Parkway played on a fender haha.
The only criticism i could give is your clean tone could be better, and the solo seemed just a tiiiiiiny bit off, but i can't put my finger on why. I suppose the vibrato and unison bends feel ever ever so slightly off pitch but you can hardly even notice it. Solid cover man.
Nice, let me know whenever you cover it!

Yeah, I used my strat copy because my Ibanez has a flotating bridge and it would be a pain in the ass to change tunings, so I put new strings on my old baby and tried to get something decent.

What would you suggest for the clean tone? Maybe it sounds too thick? Or it might just be that the original uses an acoustic lol. I know I messed up the fast part of the solo, I'll try to practice more for the next one, thanks for the criticism!