So I've had Cubase LE 5 for a long time but never really knew what it was (don't judge), and I recently decided to install it. Anyways, I have been using GarageBand forever. Im trying play around with Cubase LE 5, and all I want to do right now is try to play some software instruments or VST instruments ( i dont know even if they are the same thing) like I can so effortlessly on GB.

With GB, its so much easier to do this, all i have to do is plug in my keyboard and I can play some virtual instruments right away. Does Cubase LE 5 even have software instruments??

So confusedd,
thanks in advance
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You put the . dll files into the dedicated folder. In cubase you just click on the INSERTS of the selected audio track and choose yours. Hope that helped.
Oh, sorry, that's for plugins. For the vst instruments like ez drummer, well, just check the menu tabs thoroughly...