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Hey guys,

So, at Christmas, I received a very nice 2006 Dean Dimebag Razorback V which has had one owner (as far as I know), and has been played very little, it has absolutely no wear on the fretboard and the factory strings were still on it (I replaced them recently). It has a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge and a DiMarzio in the neck (I think).

Basically, my problem is that when the pickup selector in in the middle position, everything works fine, but occasionally when I switch to the bridge pickup, about 90% of the volume disappears, there are no effects either, so it just sounds like a very weak clean channel. It usually works if I flick the switch back and forth about 6 times.

This has started happening with the Neck pickup as well, although not nearly as often.

Has this happened to any other Dean owner? Or any other guitarist for that matter? Would anybody have and advice or tips on how to fix this?

It would be much appreciated,

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Sounds very much like a defective selector switch. The soldering and wires and other stuff are probably fine since it works in the middle position. It should be fairly easy to change it (either by you if you feel up to it or a guitar tech/store).

I doubt the selector itself can be repaired, but you never know. You could try to remove the back plate and see if it looks like its coming apart.

Cool guitar btw
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I had this exact problem with an Epiphone Les Paul of mine, it's quite fustrating. They replaced the switch and it worked fine, cost me £15.
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I had that kind of problem with my Epiphone LP Standard. There were these two metal pieces in the selector that you had to bend (it was some kind of a contact problem). I can't explain it without pictures but after that it worked well. (I also have sold that guitar.)
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I took the back off and everything looked okay, so I'm assuming it is the selector, thanks for the feedback by the way, it's much appreciated