I'm trying to get my ***** sold quickly, and I'm having some difficulty, so I thought I'd try here c:

The details are in the description on the auction.
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Rule #2

No advertising any other sites!

No advertising if the only thing you come on here to do is advertise. But if you've made 600 posts and you made a thread about this luthier business your starting up, that's not really being detrimental to the community. That's pretty much just making a decent thread in the gear forum. But if you do it without making posts about any other thing, I will have to assume you are using UG for you moneymaking schemes and don't actually give a crap about this community.

And absolutely No linking to ebay!

If it's on ebay,there's no need to advertise it here.
And no linking to any other third party websites.

Also, do not advertise in someone else's thread. Seriously don't do it.

I have to have at least two characters to validate this post.
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Oh, DON'T use a knife. It cuts through your strings. I did that once, thinking, its the Low E, its invincible. Turns out, its not...

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