A few weeks ago, I had some friends round at my house, one of which plays the acoustic guitar (I much prefer playing my electric).

While he was playing pretty simple stuff, I found that the songs sounded more "complete", because the acoustic guitar can get away with being the only instrument playing far better than the electric, which generally benefits hugely from the backing of the rest of the band and sounds "incomplete" without it.

I'd be interested to hear people's opinions or suggestions of rock songs to learn that don't really need backing. A great example for me is Van Halen's Eruption, which has virtually no input from the rest of the band and doesn't suffer at all because of it.

Thanks very much,

here's a list:
Betterman - Pearl Jam (would sound fine without the rest of the band)
most pearl jam songs actually, because they're so guitar driven
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley durrr

it's really up to you. you can play any guitar based song on any kind of guitar and make it sound half decent no matter what as long as you make it interesting.
If you arrange it right, you don't need any other instruments (besides maybe a voice) to get away with just a guitar.

Most ACDC sounds good with just a guitar (You Shook Me All Night Long sounds like a legitimate love song when played acoustic a certain way).