Half the song doesn't fit into the "bar)

I'm unsure about this as I've never learnt to write music or anything

But if you look at bar 11 and 14, it doesn't fit. or is it ok to spread riffs across 2 bars?

This is probably stupid but I need to ask so I can be pointed in the right track.
When the musical space and basic rhythm of an idea is completely different from its predecessor, you've changed time signatures.

See 'Note Duration,' Measures and Time Signatures,' 'Rest Duration,' 'Dots and Ties,' and both 'Rhythm and Meter' lessons

Don't be afraid of learning theory, especially rhythm theory. A lot of the stuff you're doing intuitively, you'll understand theoretically just from these rhythm lessons. And it is VERY worth learning. To really explain the odd rhythm of the second riff, a grasp on the above lessons is necessary. Musically, you understand it. The riff does 'make sense.' I've spoilered a detailed theoretical explanation of the rhythm below.

Essentially you have 24 eighth notes in two segments of 11/8 and 13/8, respectively. This 'fits into' 3 bars of 4/4, although to 'properly' notate the rhythm, you'd divide it into alternating 11/8 and 13/8. The band DRUGS did something similar in their song 'If You Think This Song Is About You...' where they alternated between 5/16 and 7/16, which 'fits into' two bars of 6/8. If the rhythm section continues playing the original time signature, the guitar part is syncopated in a sense- the rhythmic repetition occurs differently than the repetition of the drum pattern. If none of this makes sense at the moment, don't worry. It should click once you understand those theory lessons I linked.

Also, if you want to notate a repeating riff, you need to put the open repeat (dots on the right) at the start and a close repeat (dots on the left) at the end of where the riff repeats. I've uploaded an edited version of your file with examples of some of the things I've described here.

Hope I've helped, at least more than I've confused.
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Thanks I'll have a read through some of those theory stuff it's something I really do need to learn

I understand the "repeats" as well. I didn't like using them in my tab as it made it confusing when I was trying to write / change ideas, but it's something I'll use once it's finished since it keeps everything organised

I've uploaded a improved version and just working on a chorus that fits etc
If you look across the toolbars in GP5 there should be one icon with the "4/4" symbol. If you click on that you can change the time signature by changing the numbers. I'd start by experimenting with different numbers.

EDIT: I think your using the repeat mechanism wrong too.

EDIT_2: Here's an attachment of 2 examples of how you might want to write that riff.
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