I woke up yesterday morning and started jamming this, started with the bass riff and built on top. Not more than two takes a piece for everything. I've been doing a lot of recording lately, but this seems like it's a level above what I usually do. Will C4C if anyone cares to give me an honest criticism.

An interesting side note, is that in April of 2012 I was in a sawmill accident and suffered devastating damage to my left (fretting hand) arm, it ended up wrapped around the tail spool of a conveyor belt, arm broken roughly six times and severe nerve and tissue damage from the conveyor grinding my flesh away. They nearly amputated, I spent two weeks in hospital, and a total of five surgeries. Was told I would never play again, but thanks to single minded dedication to a seemingly impossible task, less than a year later, here I am.
It's pretty cool. The bass has a nice even groove throughout the whole piece. The guitars are little sloppy. Almost sounds like you were improvising. There's some cool riffs in there though, I like the harmonies, and the guitars sound good. They would sound really good if the playing was tighter though. Thanks for the crit man!
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Thanks! The entire track basically is improvisation, most of the time I just hit record and see what happens, generally when I come up with a cool riff I'll lay down a basic bass track, play through it with a guitar once, then record the guitar, then harmony guitar(s), then improvise a solo and yet another track for solo harmony if need be. Not a lot of planning goes on
Wow! Glad your arm is still hooked on!!!!!

Got my attention right from the start - in a good way.

Like the bass sounds and the guitar harmonies are sharp without being mechanical.

1:15 you couldn't hold yourself back any longer - I likey.

A great idea - well done. Now re-record it from the ground up, double the length without being repetitive, and add a melody and lyrics. Just jackin' with you!

Good job and I hope your arm doesn't give you pain.

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Keep playin'

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I'm interested to know how you get your bass tone. And your guitar tone is really cool as well. Has a really nice groove, and is really cool for an improv track. Nice use of the blues scale in the main riff. Work on your sweeps, bends, and fast licks a bit for cleanliness...other than that I dig it a lot.


Glad to hear you liked the tone! My bass rig is pretty simple, I have a Jackson JS3V Bass, running into a Zoom B3, and I use the Zoom's XLR out into a Tascam DP-008 Pocketstudio. Generally I use a high pass filter on all the guitars to roll off everything below 150hz to give the bass some room in the mix, other than that I don't do anything special. I use Zoom for the guitars too, a G5.

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Wow! Glad your arm is still hooked on!!!!!

Me too!