Lately ive been wanting to write something kind of mysterious sounding, just kinda different. So I decided to mess with the D lydian scale a bit, and for the main solo in this, I switch key to E minor. I think it turned out pretty cool. I wrote this with the intention of making a super short song, perhaps something that would work as an album opener, im debating adding a string section before the song starts, but idk. Anyways, Lemme know what u think (And yes ik there is one bend in the solo that imo isnt that good, BUT otherwise, its pretty neat)

As always Ill C4C,



I dig your note choice man...and your playing really reminds me of Steve Vai. Really nice mix as well. I didn't notice the bend that you're talking about, but if you hear it then you already know that you can always do better. My only critique is to maybe lower your delay and reverbs to bring the guitar more to the front of the mix. That note aside It's super sweet.

Dear Jake
I was expecting something a bit more Tibetan with gongs, chanting, etc., but I was just surprised not disappointed. Great skills on the guitar. Very fast and accurate playing. Nice shifts along the way. I think it would be good to extend the piece and add a soaring melodic section. Something slow and conventional in there would make the fast bits sound even faster and exotic scales sound more exotic.
I'd greatly appreciate your comments on my effort, which features a Tibetan Singing Bowl at the end: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1579812