I am new to songwriting and this may be a stupid question. But I seem to have a hard to transitioning from verses to a chorus. I find a chord progression i like for the verse and chorus but just dont sound right together. I will also write a good intro and try to transition to the first verse but i feel there is no real transition. Are there any tips anyone could give me on how to make everything flow. Maybe as far as the chords i should choose or lyrics.
Maybe you're approaching your writing in a way that's too complex. I'd recommend you to try and keep it simple. Knowing a song's structure is something basic, but with practice, you might get to a point where you can make a song almost out of anything.

If you find that your chord progressions don't match, it might be that you're going out of the song's key. Try building it up in a different way, try playing a bit with the vocals so the melody matchs your progressions and then you'll have something good to work with.

It's also important to know the purpose of your song. What are trying to say? How do you wanna say it? What's the general theme, or rather, the main idea of the song? That last point is what I keep in mind to writte a good chorus, and I treat the verses as pieces of the message (or the story, if you like) I'm trying to send.

If you don't feel your sound is flowing out nicely, maybe you should reconsider all of it (what are you trying to say and how), adn try to approach it a different way. It's not just a matter of respecting a structure, really, it's about how you feel about it.
My best advice is to simply imagine how your favorite lyricists would do it. Over the years, I've, whether intentionally or not, mimicked the songwriting style of Bruce Springsteen. It's gotten to the point where almost all of my songs could have been written by him. That's not necessarily bad because I love his writing.

I'd recommend practicing by writing songs similar to your favorite writers. Steal, copy, lift - do everything they did to their favorites. You probably won't go wrong.
if you're writing a structured song (i assume you are), remember that the chorus doesn't necessarily have to come right after the verse or vice-versa. if two parts don't fit together, give yourself some time to transition between them. try not to rush it, just let the song go where it goes.

another thing i also do sometimes: i take the part that doesn't fit and move the all of the notes in it up/down a certain number of steps in the scale. so if i was in C major, and my progression was C E G, i could move it up one step in the scale. so then it would be Dm F Am. or two steps up the scale it would be E G B. sometimes a part that doesn't fit actually fits when you change the chords or notes it starts on. if you're using out of key notes then it gets a little more difficult, you may have to tweak the some of those notes so they sound right.

i usually do it with all the melodies and etc. in that part too. it does make it feel different but it still kind of moves the same. it's especially good for making variations without completely rewriting stuff.
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