So there you are, sitting down with a few friends. You have an electric guitar and they all want to hear you play.

apart from improvisation, what songs do you guys play? I'm interested due to their being many awkward encounters where I can play loads of songs, but they all sound like horrible without the rest of the band.
little wing is my go to electric guitar song
a bunch of old blues and beatles songs

i know some jazz standard

if you can sing just about any song will sound better to the general audience
just try to make th eguitar not sound too thin
I play and sing Rammstein songs, although I think they confuse people rather than impress them
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Depending on their musical taste.
Classical: Mozart/Beethoven/Bach all sound cool.
Guitarists: Satriani/Vai/Gilbert etc
Girls: Anything that's well-known and liked by girls. Cliche stuff.
General: Classic rock riffs and theme tunes are good entertainment.

Blues turnarounds and riffs. Jazz riffs sound impressive.

I know plenty of Pantera/Metallica/LoG/Megadeth for those that like the palm muted crazy stuff.
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Do a bit of piss take country and western. Can be funny.

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