I have this old Japanese guitar that has some really weird wiring going on. One example: there's a cap on the volume job but no cap on the tone knob. It's broken and stuff has come apart, so I'm trying to fix it. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue about electronics, so putting the puzzle back together is pretty difficult. Here's the wiring as it is right now, broken connections and all: Anyone mind helping me out a bit?
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Looks like it's all screwed up! haha, I'd say that's not original for sure!

And that's why I need help.
I've got 3 wires off each pickup, which is also confusing me. I don't really know much about electronics; I just know how to solder a schematic. I just don't know how to put the puzzle together on this one. Here's an imgur album with photos of everything.
those photos made it more confusing lol

ah.. lets see..
the cap on the volume pot was probably connected to the tone pot's middle lug.
if the pickups have 3 wires, i'd say one is the hot, one for the coil ground and another ground for the pickup's metal cover.

your diagram and photos are both confusing, but it looks like it's a pretty simple guitar to wire. you just need to follow a diagram for 2 pickups, a 3-way switch and 1 volume/tone.
First off, cool guitar! Second, damn someone really butchered that wiring! haha.

Looking at the pics, it appears the wiring is good from the pickups to the switch and out the grey wire (which looks like a grey sheath over a white and a bare wire?). There should be a wire running from the center lug of the volume pot to the positive aka tip of the output jack. The other connection of the jack, the ground or ring goes of course, to ground. Next, also off that center lug should be a wire running to the tone pot's wiper (center lug). Then a capacitor should go from the down lug of the tone put (the lug the wiper connects to in the fully down position, left most in the pictures) to ground. That should be it! Don't forget to ground the strings, there may be a wire from the bridge or tailpiece that should be grounded. Also look up a treble bleed, that may be what the cap on the volume pot is.
Thanks a bunch, guys! I've decided I'm going to rewire everything according to a schematic rather than try to fix this mess. I've still got some questions though. (a) What's the best place to ground things to? (B) What is the second wire wrapped around the outputs ground supposed to do? Do I just connect it to either end? (C) the output is grounded to the tailpiece. Does that mean the strings are grounded?
A - ground the pickups to the side of the switch, then the switch and tone pot to the back of the volume pot. and then to the output jack from the volume. (tailpiece can go to the back of a pot or straight to the output jack.. which ever you prefer.)

B - looks like the attached wire is the ground (sleeve of the jack), and the other one is not connected to anything(?) but should be the tip of the jack, connected to the output from the volume pot. i'd personally just replace all the wires because it's really messy the way it is.

C - yes