I'm planning on re-installing my Seymour Duncan pickups on my Ibanez RG321MH because my switching system is not working the way it's supposed to. Positions 1, 2 and 3 sound exactly the same (only the neck pickup is turned on). Positions 4 and 5 also sound exactly the same (only the bridge pickup is turned on). This has only happened after I switched pickups, so I'm guessing it has something to do with the wiring

I looked up some wiring diagrams for my guitar and ended up with this diagram:
(Rotate the diagram - Ctrl+Shift+Plus)


It's the wiring diagram for a different model, but my guitar has the same switching system, same volume pot, and same tone pot as indicated in the diagram. Will this wiring diagram work for my guitar?

Sorry if it's a dumb question, I'm completely new to this.
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It should work, just remember that SD has a different color code than DiMarzio:

So, I followed the wiring diagram above (yes, I translated the wire color code) and it ended up being worse. Positions 1,3,4 and 5 do not work - No sound at all. Position 2 works but both pickups are turned on instead of having just a Full Neck (Parallel).

I switched it back to the previous wiring, and now I'm back to square one.

Current Situation:
Position 1 - Full Neck (Don't really know if Parallel or Series)

Position 2 - Full Neck (Inner coil's volume is a lot lower than the outer coil) - Sounds the same as position 1

Position 3 - Full Neck and Full Bridge (Inner coils' volume is lower as well) - Sounds the same as position 1 and 2

Position 4 - Full Bridge

Position 5 - Full Bridge (Neck's inner coil is turned on but has low volume) - Sounds the same as position 4

How it's supposed to work:
Position 1 - Full Neck (Series)
Position 2 - Full Neck (Parallel)
Position 3 - Full Neck and Full Bridge
Position 4 - Neck and Bridge (Inner Coils)
Position 5 - Full Bridge
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My current wiring:

*The black cable from the neck is connected to the volume pot's 1st lug. The green and bare cables from the neck and bridge are all connected to ground.

I'm gonna retry the wiring diagram I indicated in my first post tomorrow, I may have screwed up something during my first try.
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If you're going to redo it anyway, I recommend using flux and tinning the wires, make sure that when you're attaching you let the iron sit for a bit to get the solder good and hot. This should help clean up your soldering job a bit, it looks decent though. It's a little irrelevant to the topic at hand but it will make your connections cleaner, it's important to have good solder joints when you're wiring something up.
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Thanks for the tips guys. I found out what was wrong and it's a huge facepalm - The switch was reversed.

I was reading the diagram right in the first place - I did everything correct during my first try (except the bad soldering technique). I just had to flip the switch.

Everything is working fine now and thanks again for all the help.

*Why was the switch flipped in the first place? I had a guitar tech at Long and Mcquade do the pickup installation for me when I bought the pickups at their store. When I got my guitar back, I thought something was wrong, hence why I started this thread.
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I've seen some pretty shitty pickup installs from 'guitar techs'. I had a friend who had a guy put emgs into his ibanez to the tune of $80 of labour. Not only did it take forever, but the switch was wired backwards and the idiot lost the cover that goes on the back, so he gave him one that sort of jammed in there and stuck without screws...
Yeah, it sucks man. I paid $50 for the manual labor and waited 1 week to get my guitar back.