Hi everybody,

I'm looking to buy a new guitar and was hoping to get some help on the subject. In my 4 year guitar career I've realized that I love to play metal and that's what this guitar is going to be used to play. I listen to a very broad range of metal from Iron Maiden and Metallica all the way to Lamb of God and Children of Bodom. I currently play a Hamer (not sure which model), and I play through a Marshall MG30FX with a Boss MT-2 MetalZone pedal. I'll give you guys a list of the things I'm looking for:

• I want it to look like a metal guitar. No Kerry King or Randy Rhodes signature but maybe something that has a Strat body but with sharper edges.

• Must have 24 frets.

• I would like a nice Floyd Rose tremolo bar.

• I would also like a guitar that has good stock pickups. (I don't want to buy a cheaper guitar and then just upgrade the pickups).

Lately I've been looking at the Ibanez Prestige and the ESP M series guitars. I especially like the Prestige because I've heard it has a flatter fretboard at the higher frets for shredding and is more rounded at the lower frets for chording and rhythm. My budget is about $1000 but I am flexible. Also I need a hard shell case so I need factor that into my budget. If I could get some more info on either one of these guitars that would sway my decision I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows of any other guitars that you think would suit me please let me know. Thanks.
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Ibanezes don't have compound radius necks

This is true. TS you especially like the Ibanez for a reason that doesn't exist im afraid.

I hate to be that guy (no, actually I love it) but with $1000 to blow, shouldn't you be looking to upgrade your amp first?
I won't disagree with those before- and probably after- me who say you need to upgrade your amp because I don't know amps well enough. Sooo...

Given your budget & preferences, you might consider the:

1) Fernandes Revolvers, Vortexes, V-Hawks and Vulcans

2) DBZ Bird of Prey, Venom, Halcyon

3) Malden Stiger or PMS

4) Godin Redline

5) Swing Exciter Gold or EZ-3

6) a custom guitar

These guitars cover a range of prices from about half of your budget to (potentially) as much as you are go beyond that limit. One of those less expensive models might let you get the kind of axe you want while upgrading your amp as well, if you so choose.
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Ibanez prestige are great guitars. I own a jackson pro series and I have played the new ones, and the chances are that you'll get something better with an Ibanez prestige
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If you want a compound radius fretboard, Jackson is definitely the way to go. I think their USA stuff is out of your budget even used, but their Japanese stuff is still very good. Are you willing to go used?

I also agree with Wesbanez that with that much to spend, you should really upgrade your amp.

Personally, I recommending getting a decent cheaper guitar and spending the bulk on a new amp. Can you/would you be willing to save up more and upgrade your whole setup?
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+1 to the Japanese Jacksons. The pro series are pretty darn good, but there's a rather little known serie of MIJ jacksons that sport SD pickups and an OFR. Problem is they're rare and out of stock most places.


Along with a case you should be smack at 1000$.
Buy a used LTD M/H/MH 1000 series. This should be ~$400-$500

That leaves you with $500-&600 to spend on a good amp. Look at the Peavey Ultra 1x12 or 2x12 combo you can get these for <$350 on Guitar Centers used site. Aslo look at the Peavey XXX and JSX combos, you can find them for $500ish normally. Or you can go Peavey 5150 2x12 combo or Peavey 6505+ 1x12 combo if you want.
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