Right... So cut a very long story short, I managed to get my multieffects pedal caught on the speaker cable at the back of my amp. It's a marshal tsl602 and I immediately noticed that the cable had increased in visible length as if it had come unattached from something inside, but there was still tension on it, as if it was still connected to inside the amp, so I thought nothing of it. I plugged my guitar in and waited for it to warm up and there's no sound. I turned it off immediately so I'm guessing I managed to unplug the speaker from the inside or something... any thoughts? and how do I fix it? Please note i'm a total noob when it comes to this stuff.
Thanks in advance
I would check where it plugs into the amplifier part of the amp, if it still looks like its plugged all the way in then I'd look into the speaker cab and see if I tore a wire/solder joint.
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Viban: Thanks, I had a look, but couldn't see anything untoward inside. I unscrewed the back plate and noticed that oneof the connections to the speaker had come loose ever so slightly, but enough to break the contact I guess. Problem solved

thanks all the same