Hi guys, I have a Laney LX20R and it has quite some crunch in it but it just doesnt sound as heavy as I think distortion should. Im wondering if I should invest in a distortion pedal, and what should I start with. I have a Epiphone Les Paul Special II which is an entry model, and I like metal and rock.
You need a new amp. You might get a decent tone with the pedal but you would need to upgrade your amp some time. And when you have a better amp, you might notice that you don't need the pedal any more because the new amp has a better distortion tone on its own. Then buying the pedal would just have been a waste of money. And it would take longer to get the money for a new amp.

First amp, then pedals.
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First amp, then pedals.


you're not going to get the ideal distortion tone out of a practice amp. Start saving for an amp and just put up with it for now
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well