Hi, I read the FAQ and rules, but I didn't see any FAQ about this. It would probably be good to add something about this.

I'm a new user and I submitted chords for a song. It was a song already on this site, but the chords on this site are wrong. I don't know how those chords even got approved, or why people are rating them with 5 stars.

Now my chords are in the approval process. I notice the approval queue growing and shrinking by hundreds of songs, but no one has voted on my song yet. How do songs show up in the queue? Do they show up by the oldest date, so that people who approve them can go through them in submission order?

How long does it normally take for a song to be approved?
They are sorted by newest uploads by default. It can be changed to oldest date, and to artists by alphabetical order and reverse.
You can filter them by type (tab, bass, chords, etc...), and by your favourite artists.

From personal experience, it usually takes a couple of days, but tabs from more popular artists may get approved faster, while not so well known ones longer.

Also if you get no approve votes, but also no reject votes, it will usually get accepted. But to me it also happened more than once that I only got votes for approval and eventually my tab still got declined by unknown reasons.
Tabs can be user approved. If they don't get approved/disapproved within a certain time it goes through to tab moderators to approve or disapprove them I think.