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Alright, so I am fairly new to this. I have been "programming" my drums using guitar pro for the last couple years and have grasped to a pretty high level, theoretical drumming. However, I have not a damn clue how to play them, just what is realistic to play by a real drummer and how to map it out. I am in the process of doing a solo project and I want to program my drums for it but I am having a lot of trouble grasping how to actually do it. So I bought Superior Drummer, thinking, that it was all I really needed to do my drum programming. Low and behold, I either didn't research nearly enough, or I am to retarded to use the program at this moment. I am pretty sure I was just terrible at researching it. Anyways, what I have gathered from my research tonight, is that I need to get some recording software. Is this all I need? Will this allow me to map out my drums without ever having to literally tap out a rhythm? I am confused help me troubleshoot, tell me what I am doing wrong... I feel like an idiot, but could really use some help. Anyone that has some experience with Superior Drummer or drum programming in general, lemme know.
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Well you should use superior in conjunction with a DAW (like Logic, ProTools, Cubase etc) so you can use it as an actual instrument.
As far as programming goes, you can still use GP and just export the midi-files.
Then it's just a matter of drag&dropping the midi file to your DAW of choice and modifying the dynamic levels to your liking. Possibly moving the midi notes if you want to use different drums/cymbals.
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Thank you man, I just wanted to be sure before I went out and bought something that was going to end up being unnecessary. I really appreciate the reply!