I've been working on my bend vibrato because it doesn't sound good but I'm not too certain about the techniques involved.

I'm not sure if I should use my wrist or fingers to produce the vibrato for bent notes. This is especially so for rapid vibratos with small tonal changes. Using my fingers is a lot easier to produce the necessary rapid small string movements. There isn't much strain on my fingers at all too since i'm only releasing the bent string for a very small distance.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to get the same vibrato using my wrist. Mainly because the movement involved is very minute and the wrist tends to make bigger motions. Having said that, i always use my wrist to vibrate unbent notes(I use Clapton-style freehand vibrato if I want a faster vibrato though) and bend strings, so I'm not too sure if using my fingers to produce bent note vibrato is good technique.

So should I stick to using my fingers to produce rapid vibratos with small tonal changes or should I train my wrist to produce that kind of vibrato??
Wrist always. That is all.

If you wanted really subtle vibrato, you try the classical approach where they move from side to side.
To be honest I don't recommend bending with your fingers simply because it seems harder to control.

However the advantages can obviously be argued by some people since bending from the fingers allows you to keep your fingers straight relative to the fretboard which as a result leads to easier use of the pinky. When you use your wrist you are forced to angle your wrist in a way that leads to parallel fingers with the pinky being the farthest.

The way that I perform bend vibratos is by using the skin in between my thumb and index finger as a pivot point.

If you don't wanna do that then I'll give you some steps.

1. Find out the type of sound you want.
2. Figure out the motion you need to make to get that sound.
3. Practice that motion in isolation slowly for 21 days ensuring that you are comfort and using very minimal tension.
4. ??? Profit?
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