Hello, a relative died and gave me this guitar like a few years back

I only started really paying attention to it now as it was in terrible shape when I got it. After repairing and restringing it though, I feel as if somethings wrong with the bridge. I believe there are missing parts. However, I have no idea how this kind of thing works.

Here is a picture

What do?
Should I try replacing it with a tune-o-matic? (I would really rather that honestly than this weird bigsby-ish thing)

And yeah, Ibanez SG its super cool
Maybe the bridge is in backwards? See if the knotches in the saddles match the string size. Good luck.
How can it be backwards?
The saddles aren't the problem here its the big circle thing where the whammy bar is supposed to go, firstly the bar itself is missing and secondly do I just leave it like that? Just using the string tension to make sure it doesn't move and detune my stirngs/? How do you set this thing up?

oh also imageshack flipped my image upside down idky
Is there a spring under there?

From the pictures it doesn't look complete, but looks like it should still play fine.

Nice guitar!
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there's no spring that's what im worried about

And even if there was
how the hell would the whammy bar work? I can't wrap my head around the mechanics of this strange bridge type.

And yeah it does play fine but i get this feeling that i cant rely on it too much or itll like just break. This is insanely old.

On another note, how do I tell what wood it is?
Even if it isn't an actual bigsby, look up photos and videos of the bigsby B5 to see how it works.

Without actually seeing the guitar in person, all I can say is just play it, it should be fine for now.

You'll probably have to look at a vintage ibanez site to get specs, unless someone here knows.
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Seriously, I'm not a fan of iphones and guitars mixing.