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The best way to not be nervous about meeting new people is not to think about them and let shit just happen. Contrary to what some people think, you don't have 100% control over who your friends are, your best friends in life could be people you haven't even met yet. Don't shove people who like you away just because you never planned to get to know them.
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I'm gonna catch hell for this, but being in college currently I can say joining a fraternity is a great way to start. Even if its not a big chapter, you can certainly find one that is willing to craft you into a more social and outgoing guy while keeping a focus on academics.
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Find out about any societies that you find interesting, you'll probably only end up going to one properly but it's a great way to meet people and have a topic of conversation ready for you. I.e go to tennis club = Hi, I'm John, have you been playing tennis long? blah blah... I don't play much could you give me some tips.

Always remember people are quite often really happy to talk about themselves - When you're in a lecture and sit next to someone just say Hi, I'm 'insert name here', why did you take this class OR this is dull isn't it OR what did you do before you came here?
Questions are your friend.

Just be nice and relaxed and quietly confident and people will tend to gravitate towards you, make sure to get involved!

Also if you have missed out on the major social interactions for the most part of your life you may find yourself wanting to focus on the social life more than school (despite what you think now) so always remember to reflect and think about what's more important at this time.

From your post you seem like a nice guy and should have no trouble meeting people and making friends.

Have fun!
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Just walk into your first class pantsless and before you leave look down and say "oh shit."
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Quote by Steyr9001
Truthfully I don't even know what fraternity's do.

Community service, hold events around campus in support of your philanthropy, have mixers with the sororities, have recruitment events, and more. All depends on your school. And yeah there will probably be parties, but there are parties regardless if your in a greek life or not.
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Quote by Steyr9001
Truthfully I don't even know what fraternity's do.

Drug loose women at parties and have sex with them while they are unconscious.
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Join a sports club. You would have to try to not meet new people in one of those. Be friendly too, people like that. I have a hard time being friendly, but whenever I am nice, people usually respond well to that.
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You'll be good man. I've known quiet kids in high school that became social butterflies that slay the woman. I feel like I'm the opposite because when I went to college I realized how many people there are that annoy me and that I don't want to be around. Just introduce yourself to some people that cross your path. Chances are at least one of them will be worth talking to again. But don't just make friends with anyone just because you want friends. Some people in college are not what I want to be around at all, but I guess you can judge that on body language and behavior. Just try to engage in conversation before class, when involved in group work, or when class dismisses if you sit next to someone cool, and there is enough people at your college to at least find one person that is worthwhile.
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Just wear black leather pants, white t-shirts, and a blue denim jean vest. That's literally all you have to do. Everything else will work out on its own.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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Quote by charlie__flynn
just say Hi, I'm 'insert name here',this is dull isn't it?

Don't do this. Saying that just makes you out to be a giant douche if the other person is legitimately interested in the class.
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I just graduated magna cum laude. Did I work the hardest? Was I the smartest? No way. Jump right into your majors asap (play your cards right you can get 2) and

1. Learn the system
2. Learn how to bullshit.
3. Speak up in class and know your professors and advisers.

I can say I was a college success story. Not being humble right now. I didnt get laid in high school, I was fake, shy, etc.

In college, people like us flourish.

Random advice:

Have friends in the Greek system.
Leave the dorms Asap.
Look up your professors before you sign up.
Wrap your junk.
Join a club or honors society.
Only drink 2 days a week.
Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
Lift and do cardio.
Eat right.

And piece of advice: Who the **** cares!? No one knows how cool you are. You're a lion waiting to roar. All those idiots in your home town wish they were in your shoes.
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Just be yourself, don't act like a dick or be pretentious, just be courtious, polite, friendly towards others, offer help to people who look like they need it, avoid people who are 'obvious' dicks and you'll soon have plenty of friends.
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Quote by TSmitty6

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
Best advice.

I've only been at Uni since September and for the first couple weeks whilst everyone's rooting out mates you will meet people you don't want to talk to, be left hanging out with people who aren't interesting at all, and be party to some awkward silences. The best thing you can do is realize that the only reason anything's awkward is because you're allowing it to be.
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Do you see how you came off as open, eloquent and like a normal guy in your post?

Do exactly that, just in person. You came off as a nice and sincere person. That's all people want to see.
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Just make sure you don't do anything stupid.


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Didn't expect to see so many replies after getting home for work. Seriously, thanks for taking the time to post everyone. A lot of this has actually been really helpful, and you're surprisingly supportive and encouraging for the internet.

A couple clubs seem pretty cool, but I didn't really see any fraternities. I'm honestly not sure if they would be listed as clubs though, which is kind of why I mention it. Are fraternity chapters considered college clubs or are they a completely separate thing?
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