Hey guys,

I own an Ibanez S620EXQM and a Blackstar HT Soloist 60, and I'm trying to decide what pickups would best suit my sound. At the moment my main influences are Adam Jones, Paul Waggoner and Pin and Dan Weller from Sikth, and the tone I'm after is something very similar to Adam Jones but with room for heavier and lighter tones.

I'd prefer to get passive, actives sound artificial to me but if someone has a recommendation for an excellent active I'll check it out.

Thanks in advance

I believe your stock pups are active. If so you will have to get new pots as they run on ~25k not the standard 250/500k pots.

Adam Jones uses a Seymour duncan JB/Jazz set in a Les paul custom.

so i would start there as its a really good and very versatile combo.
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Nah thy're INF1 passives in the Ibanez, I'll try a guitar with the Duncans and see what they're like.

I've been thinking about Lundgren, anyone have experience with these?
Actually, I'd recommend a Dimarzio Super 2 or a Steve's Special for basswood guitars. You'd need something to bring out the lows and highs on a generally middy instrument.
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+1 for the Duncan JB/Jazz setup. It is a remarkably versatile setup. If you want more power, swap a Duncan Distortion for the JB.
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Go with the seymour duncan pups imo, also his model is an S and a quick googled confirmed my assumption that the body is mahogany and not basswood. Should work out nicely.