I'm using a vyper 15, don't really care for it, looking for suggestions. Looking for something good for metalcore style. I'm fairly new at playing. I also have another ques. Can you use dist. Pedal w modeling amp? Appreciate any advice
For practice wise in metalcore, line 6 spider, but only if you're looking for something cheap.
Or... get a cheap multi-effects pedal or distortion pedal.

A lot of guitarists will tell you not to buy a multi-effects but to be honest, I think it's cause they don't know how to tweak. I have been using my Zoom G2.1u for a while now and after days of tweaking and such, I have a killer metal tone and clean channel so it's been serving me well!

If you are looking for an upfront distortion pedal, take a look at the Ibanez Tubeking. Sounds pretty awesome the fact it has some tube tone as well!
Not this ^ Don't listen to him.

Go to the guitar gear and accessories forum and check out the stickies. Theres a lot of good informaton on there.
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Really depends how much you want to spend. If you don't like the Viper then a Spider may not be what you are looking for.

You would get better feedback in the Guitar Gear and Accessories section.
Seems like the general concensus is that the Vypyr blows the Spyder out of the water by a huge margin. I have a Vypyr 15 and also just picked up a Vypyr Tube 60. I would bet that the problem your having is that you don't know how to use your Vypyr. Go to peavy.com and download a user manual and read it. I had my vypyr 15 for a couple months before I actually read the manual and learned how to use all the features. Bottom line is there's no way you can't get a metalcore tone out of a Vypyr if you know how to use it.
Just find yourself a solid combo amp; I really enjoyed my Vox Valvetronix 30W. Good size, weight, amp and input selection, tone, and all.
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I have a Vypyr 30 and got fed up trying to get a good metal tone especially at a low volume where my ears wouldn't ring afterwards. I spent $200 on the Vypyr 30 and thought that it was mostly my guitar's fault (Epiphone SG Special). I upgraded to a Jackson Dinky with EMG 81/85 and the sound was still not what I was looking for. I just picked up a used Randall RG100SC for $200 and it's awesome, even at the low volumes (just added an ISP Decimator (Used from GuitarCenter) and it's even more awesome). Short of the post, look for a good used solid state amp. Do some research on the other forums but for my sytle of music interest (Slayer, Old Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, etc.) the Randall is killer. You can also check out the Used Gear on GuitarCenter. Just type in Used Randall and see all the goodies that come up. Most of the stores will negotiate on their prices with used gear as well. Good luck!
I'd rather save up money for a real amp. I just use VST to practice at home because I can record directly if I get an ideea and I can play with backing tracks, metronome etc rather than having to plug an amp then turn the speakers up and make a lot of noise for no reason.

And for metalcore the best you could get would be a 6505+ combo. And it's a solid investition since most of the metalcore area uses either 6505 or 5150 and even thought it's a combo you can eventually cut it and make a 60W head. Bugera also is a pretty good amp for metalcore, the 6262 or 6260 but on combos their speakers suck. But they are fairly cheap heads.
A guy I know who is a tone junkie (really knows his gear) has just bought a Vox AC4TV for a little practice amp at home. Might be worth looking into? However I have just noticed your Metalcore preference so might not suit..
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