I'm trying to find a string gauge where I can be tuned to either Drop C or A# (or any tuning in between those) and have the strings still feel fine. I'm using a Schecter c-1 Hellraiser (25.5 scale) and right now I'm using 12-54's and C feels fine, and A# feels a little too floppy whenever I try to sweep or do anything along those lines. I'm not able to use another guitar for a different tuning at the time So I'm just trying to find a way to make this work. I'm afraid if I put a 62 on, It'll be too tight for C, but if I put a 12-56 on, itll be too loose for A#.

Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards just getting 12-56's.
rather be too tight than too loose if you're playing metal. especially that low. and also, just buy both sets, wear them out and see what you like more and buy that next time.
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12-56 should handle drop A#. I use 12-52, or 54 can't remember, for Cstandard and have never had a problem.
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What you're asking is not possible; your guitar will feel and play like crap on one tuning or the other, depending on if you go with super-heavy strings or mildly heavy strings. That's a whole-step difference in tuning you're talking about.

In my opinion, you can't change your tuning by more than a half step on the same set of strings before it becomes almost unplayable. If it's not unplayable, it'll at least feel so much different going from one tuning to another you'll have to get used to the new feel each time you switch.

But, if you must try it, I'd go with at least a .13-.58 set of strings. I'd think a .60 would be even better for the low string. I use .12-56s for C# Standard on almost the same guitar as you, but it's a little too floppy if I drop the 6th string to B. (I really hardly ever use drop tunings though). However, I think you're a good candidate for a second guitar...
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Normally, every time you change tuning, you should adjust the truss rod. Because different tunings mean different tension on the neck
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Thanks for the feedback so far guys. I decided to wait untill I got another guitar to play A# more but in the spur of the moment I bought 13-56's (two sets of them too) I'm most likely going to return them tommorow as they seem like they'd be too thick for Drop C-B but what are your thoughts on this?
I'd say 13-56s, possibly a .60 on bottom. It's been a while since I've had a six string in that kind of tuning, so I don't remember the gauges I used.
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