Right now I'm using a Dunlop "Extra Heavy Drop" set. It's 60-80-100-120. I play in C Standard on a regular 34" scale bass (Ibanez SR300F).

My problem is that the top 3 strings feel too tight, and the bottom string feels too loose. I would like to try something like 50-70-90-130, but I can't find any sets like that. Is there anything like that or close to that?
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Not that I am aware of. A .130 is typical for a low "B" string on a five or six-string bass. A jump from .90 to .130 might make for an odd-feeling bass. That's essentially an entire .40 "G" string increase from your "A" string to your "E" string.
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naked strings allow you to choose individual string gauges, but i have no idea what the strings are like.

try using the seach feature on the left to narrow your preferences down and see if a company already makes the strings you're after

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DR's DDT comes in .55-.125 set and they are roundcore.

http://www.drstrings.com/#!Signature & Specialty/c154n
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