Okay so I'm thinking of buying an electric here in Cambodia and bringing it overseas to Australia. I might also want to bring an acoustic as well. I know Australian customs are tight and I can't figure out proper protection for it if it's checked in as luggage. Help? Thanks in advance
If it's checked to luggage then just assume it'll be damaged. Between careless handling, being crushed under three hundred other bags and the temperature and moisture changes, something will go wrong. The only way you can be sure they'll be safe is if you have them put in a crate, but I shouldn't need to point out that this will cost a lot.
Most airlines will allow you to take an instrument on board as your hand luggage (same as some sporting equipment), so long as it's small and light enough that you can handle it easily without it being an annoyance for any other passengers and it isn't a hazard. You couldn't take an electric and an acoustic over, but just one should be okay Some airlines also allow you to check instruments in separately from other luggage and they will make sure it is at least handled well until it gets to the plane, though what happens to it once it is in the hold is out of their control.

Best you can do is check with your airline, see what restrictions they have and what services they can offer. Be prepared to only take one thing and be prepared to have to take it as your hand luggae, if you want to make sure it doesn't get crushed.
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I got two guitars (on separate occasions) from France to Morocco on a 3 hour flight. They wouldn't let me get it on board under the pretense that the hardcase was a hazard. They said they would allow it with a gigbag, but I'd feel uneasy doing it. Both went through luggage in a hardcase, with a fragile sticker on it, and I've noticed no damage to the guitars. One was a bolt-on and the other a set neck.

One of the cases did get some nice mojo added, though it already was a bit old (early 90s)