just got a sansamp an hour ago (brand new) and it has yet to make a sound. my guitar is completely silent. just need to know how to hook it up in a lot more detail than the manual has
Are you just using it as a pedal for your board or going xrl out to connect to a interface or sound board? If you are just going quarter to quarter make sure the first switch on the left on on the gounded channel not the phantom power and go out via the output on the left side and the other switches are set on the instrument setting versus the xrl. Try that, its been a while since ive parted with the pedal but im sure that correct. If not try asking a tech at your local store or it could be the pedal?
it is the bass driver di and im trying to hook the amps active input to the bass drivers output and then the guitar to the input of the bass driver
Jack plug instrument cable from bass into the input of the pedal (the top one on the right side) and another jack plug instrument cable from the output of the pedal (the plug on the left side) into the input you ordinarily use on your amp. About as simple as it gets.

Make sure you've got power to the pedal as well, through a battery that isn't dead or a 9v power supply.
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ok so i am plugging it in right. if i plugging it into the output then it is nothing but distortion no matter what the settings are and if i plug it into the parallel output then my guitar sounds exactly the same as it always does. what should my amp settings be and should i plug the pedal into the active or passive input. i think the major problem here is the volume when its plugged into the pedal output it is so low you have to strain your ears no matter how high the controls are set
The parrellel 1/4 out is nothing but dry signal so it was no effected sound. You need to go out the 1/4 inch output on the other side of the pedal and make sure the lineout switch is for the quarter inch not the xrl as the xrl out has a -20 db cut and the quarter has a +10 db boost to it so that wil effect the loudness. The whole active or passive thing on your amp? you should know that . The passive is ment for passive electronic basses and the active is ment for a active electronic bass, you know the ones with batteries you have to replace. Simple. Which a active input on a amp will have a db cut which i think is -15 db or so, so it would cause the sound to be quiter. So I'm guessing you have a passive bass so use that. So give all that a try.
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no it is an active bass so should i have the output to line or inst and what about the xlr setting
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You may have a loose or broken wire. Open the sucker up and see if anything jumps out at you. If it does not, have a good tech take a look at it. Tech 21 stuff is high quality, so it will likely be an easy fix.
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would you think i could have a loose or broken wire if its it brand new ive only had it for 1 day
Brand new products can have flaws. If you can't get a sound out of it, just go to the store you bought it from and ask for a new one. And ask if they could try if the pedal works.

Always try before you buy.
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it is the bass driver di and im trying to hook the amps active input to the bass drivers output and then the guitar to the input of the bass driver

So assuming you have two working jack to jack leads, one from guitar to di, one from di output to amplifier input, mains adaptor to di power input OR fit a battery - should work fine.
what do you mean by fit a battery and yea if its the pedal thats the problem ill have to ship it back i ordered it online