So I'm a new musician sort of, "7 years of guitar, two years of songwritting", and I know by playing music for people that It's good, but I want to know if I'm great, good, or descent from an outside source because I don't play shows, here's an unmastered song I recorded, and a demo, thanks


Wow, you're great, reminds me a bit on Mumford and Sons, actually I like your music more than their. I'm not into this kind of music myself that much, but I still like it, would definitely see you live.
guitarwork is good. the mix needs some work, but songwriting is solid. The only two things throwing me off was that it's nothing I haven't heard before and the shakiness in your voice. sounds overused a bit, if it's controllable, I'd try and smooth some of that out as it tends to wear on you as the song progresses. Just my humble opinion though. Dynamics are there....it's a great start TS. Keep it up, you're already way ahead of alot of folks in the "intangibles" department. nice work!

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Thanks for the honest feedback, its a hard thing to get, ha I've already rerecorded that song since you said that, It was shaky cause I was trying to record the guitar and vocals at the same time to get a more natural sound but I think I just got worn out and my voice just got real tense