really nice one dude
although the guitar sound was a little low but i really loved it (Y)
very good production ^^
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Cheers \m/ \m/
thanks for the comment man. I'm not very familiar with Nine Inch Nails, just a couple of their singles. Ill have to give them a chance sometime.

This is an interesting song. Everything sounds good, I dig the keyboards. keep it up!
Really good cover! Sound quality is very good. The only thing I'd have for criticism is that it may be a little too much or too loud, but the guitar parts really don't come out all that well. The rest seems flawless

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Yeah I agree that (mainly the lead) guitar isn't loud enough, but everything else seems really well done, and the video was well made. Good job and thank you for the critique
Thanks for listening to my song and following me on Soundcloud. Your cover is really great. I love Ghosts and The Slip but I've never really given The Fragile a listen - which is what I'm going to do right now, because of your cover. Really nice dude! Also the video is really nice, did you shoot that image of the coast yourself?
Nice Playing, Mixing and Editing the video! Great guitar tones, all the criticism I could do would be personal because it sounded good
Sounds good :-)
Can't comment too much though as I don't know the song.
Nice bass playing.
What did you use for the drums?
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Sounds good! I don't really have much to add as it all seems to have been covered but nice cover mate.
Good effort! As has been said, the production on this is really good in general! If anything though, I'd say maybe have a bit less distortion on the guitar chords, they kind of lose their clarity a bit. Then again, I'm not familiar with this song at all so maybe that's how it's meant to be. All the playing seems pretty much spot on, which is the main thing. I'd really like to hear a version of this with some proper drums, although what you've used isn't bad.
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Great production man! Well mixed and all. The atmosphere really worked there. No real faults in the playing. Good job overall!