Not one to drop excuses, but i'm so ****ing ill right now, always for voice crit but not on this one.

Always try to get demos down as soon as so i remember flow and stuff like that, anyway let me know what you think, might do a re-record next week if i still like it.

It's also my first time playing around with garageband, it's a little off but you get the idea.

If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you don't want your singing reviewed, so I won't. Vocal melody is good, trying to think who this reminds me off. Guitar chords are pleasant. I wish the audio quality was better, but not bad for a youtube video. Nice song. Get well soon! Please review my music at this link:

Cool lyrics man and to be honest, your voice doesn't seem as bad as you made it out to be! Got a good croon going on aha.

To me it sounds very Oasis-ey/Gallagher-esque (dunno if you'll consider that a compliment or not!) but maybe a bit with a bit more thought in terms of the how the song pans out. I like the fact the song starts out quite bleak sounding but seems to grow happier by the end - solid song man.

I can see folk back where I live liking this given the taste of music where I'm from is very solo-songwriter based - not massively into this style myself but it's good.

If you get a second, mind dropping me a comment or whatever (this may not be your style either haha):

I like Oasis so i'd guess so, not what I would be aiming for in sound, but that comparison keeps coming back to me.

Also I should say everything I added in garageband was in the bass and treble and it seems youtube has a really narrow mid tone spectrum so yeah all thats gone.