Hi, looking at Schecter Black Jack triple x diamond series,model c1. How is this guitar overall..?
A c-1 xxx blackjack? I don't believe it exists. I had a c-1 xxx.. abd the c-1 blackjack exists
Yep c1 triple x with dancing girl inlays,body if guitar is black. How did you like it ?
It's an ok guitar. I believe Korean made, which is good because those are the only Schecters I believe are worth the money. I don't know what pickups it comes with, but I'm going to guess Duncan Designed, which kinds sucks(but pickups can be changed).

The inlays are kinds stupid, imo. I'd feel dumb showing that guitar to people.
Ehh.. not bad..the guitar is solid, looks are personal so that's on you.. but it always gets comments.. positive and negative. The weakest spot being the humbuckers.. their pretty muddy. Nothing bad about the guitar, me and it just didn't mesh for some reason