This is an ESP LTD EC-1000 in see-thru black cherry with quilted maple top that I got several years ago (probably about 8 or so). I got this when there were only the black and see-thru black cherry models (with 2 EMG 81's), and the flame-top sunburst models (with the Seymour Duncan pickups). It's seen very little playing time as the majority of the time I owned it I was in college and med school and didn't have a lot of time to devote to playing. It's never been gigged with or played in a bar. The absolute only blemish on the guitar is a very small chip in the binding at the pointy part of the headstock, which can be seen in the pictures (the one of the front of the headstock shows you just how small it is). Other than that, the guitar is essentially mint. I've seen new guitars in shops with more wear than this guitar. It has Schaller strap locks installed and will come with the hard case seen in the photos. I actually just put a set of Elixir 9's on a week ago, so the strings are still nice and fresh. If you don't know much about the guitars, it's got abalone binding, abalone inlays in the fretboard, Earvana nut, locking tuners, 2 active EMG 81 pickups, and 24 frets. The guitar was professionally set up in Baton Rouge at Riverfront Music while I was still living there. If you need more pictures added or anything, just let me know. These really are beautiful guitars. Thanks for looking.