I have an Agile Septor Elite 727 that I'm trying to sell. White, Ebony fretboard, Duncan Blackouts, hard case has to go with it. $500+shipping OBO. Willing to ship international if you're willing to pay for it. From Philadelphia area. Message me for fastest reply. Ad is also on Craigslist. Willing to trade for an Ibanez RGA 321 or 121, or RG1421.

/Users/pgdg92/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Previews/2012/11/19/20121119-172840/l3U6uRGjTpyf9G6Xtv9Gjg/IMG_0641.jpg

I'm trying to upload pics but the thing says that they're "too large", so Message me if you want them
Interest in trading for a Schecter C-7 Plus?
My Old Progressive Metal Band:
For fans of Between The Buried and Me, Dream Theater, Cynic.

My New Progressive Rock/Djent Band:
Wings Denied
For fans of Deftones, Tesseract, Periphery, Karnivool, Cynic.
Almost 300 views...just throw anything at me now. Guitars of lesser value + cash may seal the deal. Maybe some LTDs, RGA 42s, possibly even a Schecter. The more cash you have, the better.
To the top. I've seen a couple of people saying that they have had problems with the private messaging on this site. I check this site several times a day, so if I don't respond within a couple of hours, then I probably didn't get your message. Thanks
Bump. Just throw your best offer at me. Really trying to sell this for something nice.
Bump. Picking up a new ibanez tomorrow and would love to trade/sell this for something other than an ibanez! (But don't hesitate to offer me an ibanez either!)
I have cash, I want to see pictures. Shoot me an email or PM, I sent you one but not sure if you got it!
I know this is my first post but I have rep over at sevenstring.org, never bothered to register here until my new 7 search flopped everywhere else.
This guitar is on hold. Hit me with any last-minute offers, because it will most likely be gone this weekend!