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What Guitars/Amplifiers/Effects ext. did Mike Sanchez and Sammy "Piere" Duet of Acid Bath use? I can't find there rigs anywhere o.o
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No idea really. Only thing I can say is that a lot of bands with a sludgey sound use Orange amps. Modern day amp would be a Orange Thunderverb. Possibly with a MT-2 pedal in front & maybe a tube screamer.
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I've tried to google their rigs as well without any luck. I can get a pretty good sound with an Orange thunderverb 50 but it's just not the same
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Hi dudes I only know that Sammy(and probably Mike) used a Marshall head(Maybe a JCM800),and a Randall look a like Marshall head,probably used an effects unit like The Edge of U2(For reference,I Took a part of "It Might be Loud" when The Edge,talks about his tricks and in the background it's possible to see the effects unit)
This reference of the gear is taken of Double Live Bootleg
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Goddamn i love acid bath. Even ifyou nailed the guitar tone, i have no idea who could pull off Dax.
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